Nutrition Programs

Vibrant Health Strategy Session

Does your doctor tell you that your labs are normal, when you know you’re feeling far from normal?

Join me for a 20-minute complimentary phone session so I can learn more about you and share with you how we would work together in a way that fits your needs.

I’d love to be your partner in getting your hormonal health, immune health and energy back into balance!

6-week Foundations of Vitality Nutrition and Lifestyle Program

One-on-one work with me.
Wellness basics and accountability for you best start!

16-Week Deeper Vitality Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

One-on-one work with me.
When you’re ready to make a deeper commitment to transform your health, it’s time for a more comprehensive program.

Whole Food Whole Body Reboot – Group Detox July 2022

This Comprehensive Detox program is the only true full-body detoxification, drainage, and physiological regulation program. It uses botanicals designed to clean all major organ functions and systems, homeopathics designed to relieve symptoms associated with cleaning and detoxing the body, and nutrients to support each step in the detox pathways.

  • Special low-toxin, low-allergen eating plan
  • Accountability and support from Lynda and from your group