Master of Science in Human Nutrition

Graduated magna cum laude from the University of Bridgeport's Nutrition Institute.

Thesis: The Role of Nutrition and Environmental Toxins in Thyroid Disorders

Certified Nutrition Specialist (in process)

The CNS is recognized as an equivalent licensure to the Registered Dietician in 15 states and this number is growing as the American Nutrition Association advocates for our profession. The minimum requirement to sit for the CNS exam is a Master's degree in nutrition. The CNS has also completed at least 1,000 supervised clinical hours.

Wellness Coach Expertise

Completed the Wellcoaches Core Health & Wellness Coach training program

Functional Medicine Testing

Completed Kalish Institute Level 1 training with emphasis on stress hormones and HPA axis function.

Functional Nutrition for Functional Wellness

Trained in the Apex Energetics Neuroendocrine Physiology series created by Dr. Datis Kharrazian.

Topics include SIBO, brain function, perimenopause, diabetes, digestion, autoimmunity.

I'll teach you to make real food in fast food time.

Graduate of Professional Cooking I at the New School of Cooking.

RYT-500 Yoga Teacher

Our mental/emotional/spiritual state is fundamental to our physical health. I'm aware of the mind-body-spirit connection as a teacher of hatha yoga focused on gentle, restorative, and beginners.

My final projects:  Mindful Eating and Yoga for Engineers.

At age 26, my face became ravaged by red, inflamed cystic acne.

I had only minor pimples as a teen, so full-blown cystic acne at this age was a huge surprise.

“Why did this happen? How do I fix it?” I wondered, as I consulted doctor after doctor.

Each dermatologist I visited prescribed antibiotics and drying sulfur creams. I saw many of them, because every time I would stop taking the antibiotics, the acne would come raging back.

I hoped one of these docs would give me a different and better answer. (At the time, I didn’t even know that continuing to take antibiotics for years at a time was so harmful for my overall health.)

Frustrated, I did a little research, and managed to learn enough to request a referral to an endocrinologist (hormone doctor). My medical insurance company promptly denied my request, insisting that acne is merely a “cosmetic condition.”

In those days, I felt angry and was prone to bouts of minor depression. I’d leave the house only to go to work and the grocery store because I felt so ugly. While the acne had damaged my skin, weakened my self-esteem, and destroyed my desire to socialize, my emotional state was only partly in reaction to my appearance. In fact, I eventually came to learn that the acne and my mood had a common root cause.

Then one day, I gave up on conventional medicine ever solving my acne problem without destroying my health.

I tried yet another doctor, who gave me a different answer, but not a better one! She recommended I take a drug called Accutane.

As a female, I was asked to sign a special agreement to take two forms of birth control while on Accutane. You see, if I were to get pregnant, this drug was practically guaranteed to cause severe birth defects in the child.

This was a huge red flag that Accutane was probably not healthy for me, either. I refused the medication and walked away from conventional medicine at that instant.

I started a two-year journey to find the answers to heal myself.

As I would later learn, this “cosmetic condition” was just a symptom of something deeper going on in my body. However, without the guidance of an endocrinologist, it was up to me to find out what that was.

I had never heard of functional or integrative or holistic medicine. With the help of the Internet and my local library, I started a two-year journey to find the answers I was looking for.

I recovered my health with simple food and lifestyle changes.

Those two years were full of learning and experimentation, and I learned so much about food, supplements, exercise and how they can heal or harm our body systems.

As I learned more, I ate better, looked better, and felt better.

I discovered ways to exercise that I still love to do.

My acne cleared up.

I helped my parents to make simple changes to their eating that allowed them to stop taking medications for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

The more I learned, the more I wanted to know.

Eventually, I left my technology career and enrolled at the University of Bridgeport, where I earned a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition. Since then I’ve attended many classes in functional medicine and became certified as a yoga teacher.

Today, in my functional health coaching practice, I help women over 35 regain control over their own health, so they feel better, lose weight, and have the energy and focus to build a healthy and rewarding future.

Your success and joy in life depend on you keeping your body healthy and your mind sharp.

I know how debilitating the stresses of life can be, and I know how frustrating it is to be disregarded by doctors who insist on medicating your “minor” condition, but the medication doesn’t help. They might adjust your dosage, but they never see your symptoms as clues to a deeper health problem.

I don’t want others to suffer as I did. I am on a mission to help women live happy, healthy, productive lives.

If you would like to learn how I can help you create lasting, vibrant health for yourself, I invite you to schedule a complimentary 20-minute discovery session with me.