…sleeping well, waking up refreshed, feeling mentally sharp, and not having an energy crash every afternoon.

…what your life would look like and feel like with 20%, 30%, or 50% or more energy than you have today — what would you be able to do?

…the joy of losing more weight while working out less and eating more.

…the relief of finally understanding some steps you can take to undo your PMS, menopausal or peri-menopausal symptoms without the need for prescription drugs.

…feeling in control of your health!


Most cleanses only clean your insides, but in the Healthy Home Healthy Hormones Reboot we also detox your habitat so that you get better and longer-lasting results from your clean eating plan.


You’ll learn how to eat to lose inflammation, inches, brain fog and fatigue. I’ll make it easier for you to keep good food habits for life. We’ll talk about how to make real food faster than you can hit the drive-thru window.


The Healthy Home Healthy Hormones Reboot is your “Level 1” group experience, where you’ll learn how to implement simple and powerful changes that stick with you so you can get health improvements for life.


How can mold, wi-fi, scented lotions, or even the wrong kind of exercise mess up your cleanse? You may be shocked at where toxins are lurking in your kitchen, bathroom and air, but the changes are surprisingly simple and will make this the most effective detox you’ve ever done.


Your journey, should you choose to join us…

is to make simple yet powerful changes in your home and habits so that in just 8 weeks, you’ll feel lighter, sleep better and have more energy. Your body will have a great start on the road to better hormonal balance and total body self-healing.


A little action is way more powerful than a mountain of knowledge, so I personally support you in actually implementing these small but mighty changes.


We even have an online community where cleanse participants can cheer each other on and share their experiences and advice. I’ll be there too, to answer your questions.


Our journey begins

Monday, January 18 at 4:00pm PST


What’s in the box?

In our 8-week journey together, you’ll learn some surprising truths and simple actions to help shift your health to a higher level.

You’ll discover why these changes are so powerful for hormone health.

More importantly, I will make sure you integrate these changes into your life. We’ll stick to 1-3 actions you can implement each week (your choice on how many) so no one gets overwhelmed. When you embrace just a few items from our course that you actually use, the positive changes can be quite surprising!

I’m so committed to you putting these changes in place that if you need more time and want to review the class again, you’re welcome to re-take it for free. Your input helps me to make the course even better for future students.


Get Your Mind Right

Your state of mind really impacts your health. We’ll open with some baby steps to get meditation into your self-care routine so you can reduce chronic inflammation and learn to heal from the inside out without adding more prescription medications to your life.

Stop Irritating Your Body

There are some foods that can cause leaky gut, inflammation, and food reactions, which can lead to weight gain, bloating, and even thyroid problems. You’ll learn gentle ways to transition at your own pace into a more immune-friendly way of eating.

Make Real Food Meals in Fast Food Time

Cooking real food is one of the best things you can do for your health. Learn food prep tips to make healthy, delicious meals more easily than going out to eat. I’ll even teach you how to have a fresh, hot, homemade lunch at work or on the road…even faster and easier than making a smoothie!

Reduce the EMFs and Get Your Light Right

They’re toxins that you can’t see, hear, smell or taste, and most people can’t feel them. This doesn’t mean they’re not interfering with your biology, zapping your energy, and disrupting your brain. Learn what EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) are, and take the easy “3 nights test” to feel the difference in better sleep for yourself and your family.

Get out of that “junk light” and into the sunshine! Just a few simple actions to get the right light will improve your sleep, elevate your energy, reduce food cravings, and more.

Toss the Toxins

Our bodies store toxins in our fat cells to keep more vital tissues and organs safe. Stopping the influx of new toxins helps our bodies be able to release old, accumulated toxins. These everyday chemicals are known as “obesogens,” “xenoestrogens,” and “carcinogens,” which make people fat, hormonally imbalanced, and cancerous.

Learn where they lurk and take a few simple steps to clean some of that stuff out of your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and living room so your body can breathe a sigh of relief.

Get Your Exercise Right

Discover what kind of exercise is best for you. Intense workouts like bootcamps or spin classes may be working against you. Learn what kinds of movement can finally allow you to drop those stubborn pounds.

Have You Been Told About Mold?

Learn what health problems can be caused by mold, how to find out if it’s in your home, and what to do if you think you or your family might be affected by mold and mold toxins (mycotoxins).



Where do we meet?

On Zoom, Monday afternoons at 4pm Pacific
Our class meets online for one hour. Every class is recorded in case you can’t make it or want to review something.


On Facebook, ask questions any time
In our private Facebook group, you can ask questions any time they come up for you, and you can share your experiences and wins with each other!


In your private “H4 Reboot” student website
If Mondays at 4pm Pacific don’t work for you, you can find all the replays and links to resources in the Healthy Home Healthy Hormones private student web portal. You’ll get access to this page when you enroll.


What else do I get?

You’ll also get a private 45-minute metabolic and EMF assessment with Lynda!

You’ll get valuable insights about your body systems and your EMF environment at home with recommendations for your next steps to even bigger health gains.


How much does it cost?

EARLY BIRD PRICING thru Dec. 31, 2020: $397 (reg. $497)


How do I join?

Click Here to Register!


I can’t wait to help you reboot and make 2021 your best year yet!