In my experience with functional wellness clients, I have noticed that conventional medicine typically overlooks or ignores root causes of common chronic symptoms that affect so many women, especially around midlife.

Doctors are trained to give prescription drugs or to recommend surgery for chronic health conditions. The idea of treating or preventing a “disease” with food and lifestyle changes is largely foreign to them because this is not what they learned in school. When your lab results show a trend towards disease, they are ignored until full-blown disease develops.

Medical doctors receive (at most) only a few hours of outdated nutritional education in their entire eight years of med school.

Most doctors and dietitians also tend to ignore the power of our environment on our genetics. The booming fields of scientific study in epigenetics and biophysics continue to prove that our food, habits, and modern environment directly affect our health for better or worse.

Functional nutritionists use the proven concepts of functional medicine to give your body the conditions it needs to heal itself. These peer-reviewed concepts have been published in all the mainstream medical journals, but conventional medicine and conventional dietetics are decades behind functional medicine in putting this valuable knowledge into practice.

Functional nutrition is based on eating whole, organic foods, and using supplements as needed. Foods and supplements are recommended based on your specific test results, so both foods and supplements are targeted to your individual needs.

However, diet and supplements are only a small part of building your optimal health.

There are so many challenges in modern life that affect our health, and there is no miracle supplement program that will substitute for consciously taking care of yourself on all levels.

Until you learn to master these self-care basics (with my help), taking supplements will not do nearly as much for you as you would like:

  • breathing consciously
  • hydrating yourself properly
  • sleeping soundly
  • giving yourself a daily dose of sunshine
  • protecting yourself from “junk light”
  • eating the proper foods for your biochemistry
  • changing your reactions to mental/emotional stresses
  • cleaning up your home environment, including electromagnetic radiation (from wi-fi, cell phones and cell towers, smart meters, smart devices, faulty home wiring, and many other sources)

If your health does not improve significantly after mastering the items above, there are more areas to investigate. As we work together, I guide you and refer you to others who can help.

  • food sensitivities
  • chronic infections
  • digestive health
  • brain health
  • heavy metals toxicity
  • problems with the teeth and mouth that need to be fixed (such as mercury fillings, root canals, and mouth breathing)
  • examining your home for toxins such as chemicals and mold

I believe that your own body can heal most chronic health conditions as long as you nurture it with a clean environment, the right light, proper nutrition, the right type of exercise and stress reduction that works for you.

I believe that not all calories are created equal.

I believe that eating well and having a productive life are not mutually exclusive. A little preparation goes a long way towards turning real food into “fast” food right in your own kitchen.

I believe that a great health practitinoer will help her client to connect the dots and consider factors that others have overlooked.

I believe that symptoms such as brain fog, low energy, hair loss, moodiness, low tolerance for stress, adult acne and more can be resolved through proper nourishment, exercise and cleansing of your internal and external environments.

I believe that getting older doesn’t have to mean pain, fatigue, and memory loss. Aging does not have to result in dementia, depression, and loss of independence.


It’s not your fault you’re sick.

We live in a toxic, stressful, unnatural world. If you are not consciously working on your health every day, you will get the default, which these days means disease.

Most of us don’t realize this until we are faced with our own chronic health challenges.

Now that you know better, I will help you do better.

Learn how I can help you create lasting, vibrant health for yourself.

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