I’m here to meet you wherever you are on your health journey.

You may be eating the SAD (Standard American Diet).

You may already eat what you think is a great diet, but you’re not sure it’s the right one for you.

You may have tried going gluten free and felt like it didn’t help much.

You may have tried supplements and not had much effect.

I specialize in helping women over 35 regain control over their own health, so they feel better, lose weight, and have the energy and focus to build a healthy and rewarding future.

In my practice, I find that so many women either:

  • suspect they have a thyroid issue (but their doctors tell them their tests are “normal”), or
  • they have been diagnosed with a thyroid issue but the medicine they were prescribed isn’t helping much, even when the dosage has been adjusted several times.

This is a sure sign that more investigation and a different approach is needed.

When you team up with me, we find your answers.

I invite you to explore my site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here or on my Facebook page.


Learn about me and my philosophy, and read some articles. You’ll learn how the human body systems are not separate, and each influences the others, especially when it comes to thyroid and other hormones.

If you really want to geek out on how nutrients and chemicals affect your thyroid, you can read my systematic review of the scientific literature here: The Role of Nutrition and Environmental Toxins in Thyroid Disorders. This was my Master’s thesis, so it’s some dry reading!

Learn about adrenal insufficiency and take the Stress Questionnaire:

What is adrenal insufficiency and what does it mean for your health? It’s often overlooked by both conventional and holistic practitioners, even though they all know that most of our health problems are related to stress!

The Stress Questionnaire will help you to understand that what you think is a normal life may actually be a daily stress overload that can be negatively affecting your health.

Find the Adrenal Insufficiency page and the Stress Questionnaire here.


What factors affect thyroid function? Some of the answers will definitely surprise you! My webinar, “Is Thyroid Treatment a Dangerous Cover-Up?” is full of secrets your doctor likely doesn’t know.


Learn more about the importance of having healthy adrenal gland function and how it affects our thyroid function in my interview on the Adrenal-Thyroid Connection that was featured on the Adrenal Summit.

Talk with me:

If you’re interested in learning about how we would work together to get your health back in balance, I invite you to apply for a complimentary 20-minute consultation by phone or Zoom.

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