Do you suffer from symptoms like brain fog,
stubborn belly fat, insomnia, and fatigue…
and your doctor says your labs are "normal"?

When you receive a thyroid diagnosis...

the doctor assures you it’s a simple prescription fix. But often the pills don’t stop the weight gain, brain fog, anxiety, insomnia and maybe even hair loss.

You start to wonder if you’re ever going to feel normal again, and why this “simple” problem is so hard to fix.

You have options!



...waking up refreshed, feeling mentally sharp, and not having an energy crash every afternoon.

...what your life would look like and feel like with 20%, 30%, or 50% or more energy than you have today -- what would you be able to do?

...the joy of losing more weight while working out less and eating more.

...the relief of finally understanding some steps you can take to undo your symptoms without the need for prescription drugs.

...feeling in control of your health!


The Art of Healthy Thyroid Living

is your “Level 1” online group coaching experience, where you’ll learn simple and powerful changes you can use immediately.

Your journey, should you choose to join us...

is to make simple yet powerful changes to your home environment to make it a healing haven for your thyroid and metabolism so that in just 10 weeks, you can start feeling more energetic than you have in years.

Stop chasing symptoms and finally have a clear roadmap to thyroid healing.

Our next journey begins

Tuesday, September 17 at 6:15 pm

Where do we meet?

Our main class meets LIVE online for one hour each Tuesday evening. Every class is recorded in case you miss the meeting.

Each week on Thursday I host a LIVE 30-minute Q&A call so you feel confident in actually implementing the simple but powerful changes I recommend in class.

ALL SESSIONS GET RECORDED and are made available on our private Student Page within 24 hours, so you don't have to miss anything if you can't make every session live.

There is also a private Facebook group so you can ask questions anytime they come up for you, and you can share your experiences and wins with each other!

We keep the group small so you get individualized attention and support for the entire journey.



  • Is Hypothyroid Treatment a Dangerous Cover-Up? webinar ($97 value)
    • Learn what your thyroid lab markers (like TSH, T4, and T3) mean
    • Discover the important thyroid lab tests to ask for
    • Understand how thyroid symptoms are often not an actual thyroid problem
  • The Successful Doctor's Appointment Guide ($47 value)
    • Top tips for a successful appointment with your doctor or health practitioner
    • Lab work chart to review your progress
    • Recommended labs to request
    • Health history form for you to discuss with your health care provider
    • ...and more!
  • A private 30-minute thyroid health discovery session ($120 value)



Client Love for The Art of Healthy Thyroid Living

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Linda D. Los Angeles

Lynda Buitrago’s 10-week “The Art of Healthy Thyroid Living” course has been a rich, detailed, broad ranging, and invaluable course.

Lynda has provided many antidotes and healthy solutions to the large amount of environmental toxins we have become gradually desensitized to that are affecting public health in both ways we know and don’t know. It’s been said, “We don’t know what we don’t know.” This course was such an eye-opener in that regard.

As a result of the new things I’ve learned in this course, I am making lifestyle changes to improve my health and quality of life. My biggest takeaway is greater awareness of, appreciation and compassion for my body having to deal with environmental toxicity daily and my now increased desire to help support it by lowering its toxic load found in home/office, lifestyle, air/food/water, and electrically in our 21st Century.

Lynda is knowledgeable, has done and continues to do her scientifically backed research, is a great presenter, and has organized this body of knowledge into a sequence that flows easily from one topic to the next. She is patient, open to questions, and makes the course interesting and fun. Her meditations are very relaxing and restorative.

This course would be a great investment of time and energy for anyone looking to take his/her health to the next level of well-being. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a fabulous opportunity! Thank you, Lynda, for putting this course together!

To sign up or to learn more, I invite you to talk with me:

Schedule a complimentary 20-minute Healthy Thyroid Strategy Session with Lynda

Don't wait to get healthy!

Class size limited to 10.


The Art of Healthy Thyroid Living

class begins Tuesday, Septmber 17 at 6:15 pm