Do you suffer from symptoms like brain fog,
stubborn belly fat, insomnia, and fatigue…
and your doctor says your labs are “normal”?


    • Are you busy?

    • Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of making changes for your health?

    • Or are you health savvy and already doing “everything” right… but you don’t know what’s getting in the way of your healing?

    • Do you wish good health could be simpler?


My new signature online group coaching experience —
The Art of Healthy Thyroid Living — is for you!




…waking up refreshed, feeling mentally sharp, and not having an energy crash every afternoon.

…what your life would look like and feel like with 20%, 30%, or 50% or more energy than you have today — what would you be able to do?

…the joy of losing more weight while working out less and eating more.

…the relief of finally understanding some steps you can take to undo your symptoms without the need for prescription drugs.

…feeling in control of your health!



The human body is naturally healthy in the right environment.



The Art of Healthy Thyroid Living is your “Level 1” group experience, where you’ll learn how to implement simple and powerful changes to make your home a healing haven…

…because even the best supplement program won’t work so well if you continue to live in the same environment that made you ill.


Your journey, should you choose to join us…

is to make simple yet powerful changes to your home environment to make it a healing haven for your thyroid and metabolism so that in just 10 weeks, you can start feeling more energetic than you have in years.

You’ll also learn how to get out of the “medical mystery zone” and finally have a clear roadmap to thyroid and total body healing.


Our next journey begins

Tuesday, June 18 at 6:00pm


As I’ve talked with people, I discovered a lot of them are interested in this course even though they don’t have (or suspect) any thyroid issues.

This course is for anyone who feels less than their best and has a thyroid, whether you think it’s malfunctioning or not. There are other reasons why you might experience sluggishness, weight gain, dry skin, brittle nails, and thinning hair. Conventional medicine typically waits for your “sub-clinical” symptoms to get more serious before trying to help you.

This course is even for people who have had their thyroid removed, because removing the thyroid doesn’t mean the root problems that caused the thyroid dysfunction were solved.



The changes you’ll make in this online group coaching experience will help you to uncover what’s really behind your symptoms.


Whether you have thyroid or hormone symptoms, metabolism issues, poor sleep, mild depression or anxiety, or autoimmune-related disorders, you’ll start to benefit from our very first week together.


Even if you already know a lot about healthy living, you’ll pick up some new, mind-expanding information you can put to use right away.



What’s in the box?

In our 10-week journey together, you’ll learn some surprising truths and simple actions to help shift your health to a higher level.

You’ll discover why these changes are so powerful for thyroid and immune system health.

More importantly, I will make sure you integrate these changes into your life. We’ll stick to 1-3 actions you can implement each week (your choice on how many) so no one gets overwhelmed. When you embrace just a few items from our course that you actually use, the positive changes can be quite surprising!

I’m so committed to you putting these changes in place that if you need more time and want to review the class again, you’re welcome to re-take it for free. Your input helps me to make the course even better for future students.


Get Your Mind Right

We’ll cover baby steps to get meditation into your self-care routine so that you can reduce chronic inflammation and learn to heal from the inside out without adding more prescription medications to your life.

Get Your Light Right

Get out of that “junk light” and into the sunshine! Just a few simple actions to get the right light will improve your sleep, elevate your energy, reduce food cravings, and more.

Get Your Exercise Right

Discover what kind of exercise is best for you. Intense workouts like bootcamps or spin classes may be working against you. Learn what kinds of movement can finally allow you to drop those stubborn pounds.

Reduce the EMFs

You can’t see, hear, smell or taste them, and most people can’t feel them. This doesn’t mean they’re not interfering with your biology, zapping your energy, and disrupting your brain. Learn what EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) are, and take the easy “3 nights test” to feel the difference in better sleep for yourself and your family.

Toss the Toxins

Thyroid hormone pills won’t work well if you keep putting hormone disrupting chemicals into your body. Learn where they lurk and take a few simple steps to clean some of that stuff out of your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry so your body can breathe a sigh of relief.

Make Real Food Meals in Fast Food Time

Cooking real food is one of the best things you can do for your health. Learn food prep tips to make healthy, delicious meals more easily than going out to eat. I’ll even teach you how to have a fresh, hot, homemade lunch at work or on the road…even faster and easier than making a smoothie!

Stop Irritating Your Body

There are some foods that can cause leaky gut and immune system trouble, which can lead to thyroid problems. You’ll learn gentle ways to transition at your own pace into a more immune-friendly way of eating.


Where do we meet?

Our main class meets online for one hour each Tuesday evening. Every class is recorded in case you miss the meeting.

Each week on Thursday I host a Q&A call so you feel confident in actually implementing the simple but powerful changes I recommend in class.

There is also a private Facebook group so you can ask questions anytime they come up for you, and you can share your experiences and wins with each other!

We keep the group small so you get individualized attention and support for the entire journey.



  • Is Hypothyroid Treatment a Dangerous Cover-Up? webinar ($97 value)
    • Learn what your thyroid lab markers (like TSH, T4, and T3) mean
    • Discover the important thyroid lab tests to ask for
    • Understand how thyroid symptoms are often not an actual thyroid problem


  • The Successful Doctor’s Appointment Guide ($47 value)
    • Top tips for a successful appointment with your doctor or health practitioner
    • Lab work chart to review your progress
    • Recommended labs to request
    • Health history form for you to discuss with your health care provider
    • …and more!


  • A private 30-minute thyroid health discovery session ($120 value)


To sign up or to learn more, I invite you to talk with me:

Schedule a complimentary 20-minute “Feel 10 Years Younger” Thyroid Health Strategy Session with Lynda


The Art of Healthy Thyroid Living

class begins Tuesday, June 18 at 6:00pm