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Week 2 – Get Your Light Right: Block the Blues



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Where to get orange-lensed glasses (with or without Rx)

  • PRESCRIPTION: ReadingGlassesEtc.com
    • Custom reading lenses, prescription lenses, and blank lenses available
    • Select lens type “BPI CR39 500 Orange-Red tint”
  • CLIP-ONS: These orange clip-ons from Spectra479 are a good choice for Rx wearers
  • The original BluBlockers from the 80s really work well!
    • They block blue light to 500nm. This style is apparently cool and hip now.
  • Our favorite Uvex Skyper in Orange
  • Dewalt Laser Enhancement Glasses, Red
    • For chronic health issues, blocking out green wavelengths in addition to the blue adds more benefit. Try these once you get used to the Uvex ones. Blocks blue and green light to 600nm.

Light Bulbs to Help You Reset Your Melatonin


Blue Blocking for Your Screens:


Protect Your Thyroid in Style:


Recommended Reading for Overachievers 🙂



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