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Week 5 – EMFs: Wi-fi and “Smart” Devices



  • Record My Wins worksheet
    (there will be a new worksheet each week)
    • Put phones in Airplane Mode and do NOT charge them at night
      • If you must have the phone on for emergencies, have it in another room at least 15 feet away from you, preferably not charging.
    • Remove cordless phones, baby monitors, and anything Bluetooth from the bedroom
    • Unplug everything from the walls OR turn off the circuit breaker at night

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The Electrosmog Questionnaire

  • This is optional, but if you choose to answer it, I’ll review with you in your bonus one-on-one 30-minute thyroid strategy session, or you may choose to review it with the group in one of our Q&As.

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Products to Wire Your Home with Ethernet. Yay!

I’ll add a simple installation guide to show you how to get the items on this list working together. You’ll see how simple it really is to do.


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