What is the Metabolic Assessment?

Are you dealing with symptoms that seem make no sense or seem to have no relationship to each other? I have a new introductory service – the Metabolic Assessment – that can shed new light on your seemingly unrelated symptoms.

This Metabolic Assessment Consultation is perfect for you if:

  • You suffer from fatigue, brain fog, trouble sleeping, digestive problems, hormone imbalances, thyroid issues, toxicity or other hormone/metabolic imbalances.
  • You want a natural approach to restoring your health.
  • You’re interested in how Functional Nutrition can help you to resolve these health concerns and metabolic issues.
  • You’ve tried some things to help improve your symptoms, but you’ve gotten nowhere.
  • You want to make the best changes for your health, but you don’t know where to start!

About The Metabolic Analysis Profile

The Metabolic Assessment form helps me understand your symptoms, the severity and frequency of these symptoms, and your patterns of metabolic imbalance.

Your answers to the questions in the Metabolic Assessment help reveal areas of your health where nutritional changes, supplementation, and lifestyle changes will be of most benefit. It also helps me to see which areas of metabolic imbalance will be most important to address first to get the best results for you.

Using the Assessment, I evaluate 12 metabolic areas in relation to your nutrition and lifestyle. Each category represents a different system of the body, such as the stomach, thyroid, blood sugar, adrenals, etc.

There are several questions in each category and some questions are asked multiple times. This is because some symptoms can be associated with multiple body systems. 

What does the Metabolic Assessment Consultation include?

  1. Metabolic Assessment form review by clinical nutritionist, Lynda Buitrago, MS, CNS
    Before our consultation, I’ll review the Metabolic Assessment form to identify your patterns of metabolic or nutritional dysfunction.
  2. One 20-30 minute video or phone consultation with Lynda
    where I’ll share your results with you and give you my recommendations on what to do next.

Please note that the Metabolic Assessment consult does not include review of previous lab testing.

How much does it cost?

Just $49!

AND…if you sign up to work with me as a private client, your $49 will be applied to your 6-week, 3-month, or 6-month package.

How To Get Started

Click below to order!

Once you make your purchase, you’ll get some emails:

  • One to get you set up on my secure online portal
  • One with your link to the Metabolic Assessment Form to fill out on the site and submit automatically
  • One with a link to schedule your 20-30 minute Metabolic Assessment review session.

(Please make sure you have submitted your Metabolic Assessment Form at least 48 hours before your session.)

I look forward to helping you very soon!