Success Stories

After working with Lynda, I felt in control.

I came to see Lynda for weight loss and sleep issues. Lynda provided me with a list of foods to stick to for weight loss and a food journal to record the food I ate and how I felt before and after eating. She provided constructive and encouraging comments on how I was doing and ways to improve.

Before working with Lynda, I felt frustrated. I thought I was eating the right foods, but not losing weight. After working with Lynda, I felt In control. I learned more about the right foods to eat, which to avoid and why.

I lost 15 lbs so far. And, I am sleeping much better.

Lynda was very helpful me. Some of her methods may seem to be unorthodox, but they worked for me. Lynda is a very friendly person with high integrity. She is very organized and very supportive.

Matt Richards
Irvine, California


When you’re ready to get well…

“When you’re ready to reject western medicine and big pharma, and ready to get well please consider working with Lynda – a wealth of knowledge and a gentle guide to living well. Thank you Lynda.

Tori Morris
Orange County

Health in your hands

“I was referred to Lynda after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer in June of this year. That was a big wake up call, and combined with quarantine weight gain and 50 rapidly approaching on the horizon, I decided it was time for professional guidance.

Although I thought I practiced a relatively healthy lifestyle, my definition of “healthy” was quickly redefined. Lynda’s ten week ‘Healthy Thyroid Living’ program dug much deeper into the concept of what it takes for our bodies to be balanced, restorative, and ultimately bring about overall wellness, in the body, mind, and spirit. The biggest obstacle was myself! I had to set aside the long established principles I’d held fast – exercise overload, calorie/macro counting, scale obsession,etc.

Once these weekly topics covered in the modules began to sink in, the real changes started to happen. She covered topics such as light hygiene, and how important getting adequate (quality!) sleep is to the overall equation. Instead of starvation or deprivation, I started to appreciate all the nutrients that whole-food based nutrition could offer, and challenged myself to include as many of those ingredients into my daily meal preparation as possible.
The program does require some investment: of time, money, and willingness. But if you are prepared to commit to yourself, then the payoff is well worth it!

Lynda is such a kind and knowledgeable person, always ready to offer suggestions, answer questions, and just root for you in all the ups and downs of the struggles faced whenever change is occurring in our lives. Her advice and resources offered in the modules have been an invaluable aspect of the course, andI refer back to them whenever doubts or challenges arise.

If you are looking to improve your health, balance your hormones, or just gain a better knowledge of how our bodies areimpacted by so many environmental factors, I highly recommend Lynda. Her course has had a great impact on me, andthe lessons learned with stay with me throughout the choices made each day. 🌈💕”

Kristen C.
Orange County




“I am a 70-year old woman and have been overweight, but otherwise healthy most of my life. I’ve tried all the diets, and had temporary success with some, but in the end, all I did was gain back what I’d lost and then some. Fifteen years ago, I began focusing on nutrition theories as opposed to diets, such as non-inflammatory eating and low glycemic eating. I have also explored exercise, hypnotism and other therapies to address my weight. Nothing worked long-term.

Then, eight years ago I had a mild heart attack. My doctor recommended plant-based eating and an exercise program. I adopted a mostly plant-based diet, and walked every day. I lost some weight, but ultimately relapsed and regained all the weight I had lost and then some.

At the start of this year, I made the decision to finally master my weight problem by using an entirely new approach. The problem was, I didn’t know how. I was already exercising and reducing portions, but that wasn’t particularly helpful. Through sheer luck, I learned about Lynda. Although she focuses on thyroid issues, and I didn’t think I had any, I decided to work with her to see if, for the first time, I could address my weight issue at the metabolic level.

I signed up for a 10-week individual program. We met weekly on Zoom to discuss how I was doing, and Lynda gave me about an hour of homework a week, to watch videos that offered information and research and provided practical resources. Most of Lynda’s practical suggestions involved modest lifestyle changes that were easy to implement and virtually free of cost.

As for weight loss, I followed all of Lynda’s initial suggestions, including that I stop eating any foods containing gluten or dairy for 6 weeks. This was a new approach for me. I have never had digestive problems, and so didn’t think I had any food sensitivities. I started losing weight right away. It went so well that I continued on for another 4 weeks, and kept losing, sometimes slower, sometimes faster. I did not count calories, carbs, fat grams or anything else. I watched my portion sizes, and over time, found that I didn’t need or want to eat as much as I had before. To my amazement, I lost all of my lifelong food cravings, including for sugar and salt. This was a totally unexpected benefit. On average, during the time I worked with Lynda, I lost about a 1.5 pounds per week – a healthy rate that is quite fast for me.

In addition, following other suggestions from Lynda, I started sleeping much better. I have never been a good sleeper, but almost immediately, the quality and length of my sleep improved dramatically. I have stopped feeling exhausted for the first time in my adult life and have more energy all day, with no more mid-afternoon lows. This is another huge benefit I didn’t even know I’d be receiving!

Another benefit: I have some skin issues that point toward an autoimmune condition, and these issues improved as well. Lynda also offered intriguing information about environmental factors that can impact health by creating or maintaining autoimmune conditions and inflammation in the body.

Working with Lynda has been a joy – she is a calm, non-judgmental and delightful partner/guide. She worked at my pace and was always very supportive of my goals and progress. I feel that for the first time, I’m not stuck with yo-yo dieting, and that there is real hope that I can master my weight issues over time. Best of all, I have made good progress in a short time by healing my body. I know that I have more to learn, and I am looking forward to that journey. I am grateful to Lynda for the education and wonderful progress that she has given me.

Melanie F.
San Francisco



“Lynda Buitrago’s 10-week “The Art of Healthy Thyroid Living” course has been a rich, detailed, broad ranging, and invaluable course.

“Lynda Buitrago’s 10-week “The Art of Healthy Thyroid Living” course has been a rich, detailed, broad ranging, and invaluable course.

Lynda has provided many antidotes and healthy solutions to the large amount of environmental toxins we have become gradually desensitized to  that are affecting public health in both ways we know and don’t know. It’s been said, “We don’t know what we don’t know.” This course was such an eye-opener in that regard.

As a result of the new things I’ve learned in this course, I am making lifestyle changes to improve my health and quality of life. My biggest takeaway is greater awareness of, appreciation and compassion for my body having to deal with environmental toxicity daily and my now increased desire to help support it by lowering its toxic load found in home/office, lifestyle, air/food/water, and electrically in our 21st Century.

Lynda is knowledgeable, has done and continues to do her scientifically backed research, is a great presenter, and has organized this body of knowledge into a sequence that flows easily from one topic to the next. She is patient, open to questions, and makes the course interesting and fun. Her meditations are very relaxing and restorative.

This course would be a great investment of time and energy for anyone looking to take his/her health to the next level of well-being. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a fabulous opportunity! Thank you, Lynda, for putting this course together!”

Linda D.
Los Angeles

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